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Healthy lifestyle blog featuring plant-based recipes, healthy eating tips, restaurant reviews from around the world, and more.

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The Link Between Repressive Governments and the Food Industry

Carolina Sanchez


In the former, you don't have a choice about what you want to do, but in the latter, you do. But we still do what they say. People are being brainwashed in both cases. Food companies are brilliant in their marketing schemes. Food is after all the third largest industry in the world. Following close behind is the pharmaceutical industry. Make sense?

Now we are seeing obesity in African nations, who traditionally have seen very high rates of starvation. As nations increase their wealth and become more developed, so does their consumption of animal protein, and as a result, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol ensue.

I was watching Shark Tank the other night, a show on ABC that gives entrepreneurs a platform to pitch their product or service for a chance to get one of the "sharks," or investors, to provide the funding to build, grow, or save their business. This particular business was selling containers that had a timer on the lid. Once you set the timer, the container locked and there was no overriding the system. The purpose of it was to lock away temptations so you couldn't have access to them. Entrepreneurs have capitalized on our addiction to food and other vices, like video games, etc. The entrepreneur explained that you could put the cookies or candies in the container so you wouldn't have access to them. One of the Sharks asked him, but wouldn't you just scarf it down like a dog when the timer goes off? So it's counterproductive. The entrepreneur claimed this product helped people be healthier, but what is healthy about having no self-control or will to actually change your eating habits? According to a flying review by Time,


.This locking cookie jar has a timer to save you from yourself.”



If you have candy and cookie at your house, it's already a recipe for disaster. Just don't buy it! That's the easiest way to ensure you won't be tempted to reach for it. No need to spend $49.99 on a container. Save yourself by changing your lifestyle.

The United States is the most obese nation in the world. We should be ashamed that we spend more than 147 billion dollars a year on obesity costs. That is absurd. We live in a free country and yet so many people choose to engage in life-shortening behaviors that ultimately reduce the quality of their life and cause devastation to their family. Too many lives are lost too soon to poor eating habits. For those people that think they are victims of their genes, think again. The only thing that is passed on is bad habits. We are in control of our health, and I encourage each of you to seriously consider what you are putting into your body everyday. Think about how much more productive we would be at a nation if we had less people out for sick days, less people dying, and more people full of energy with a healthy mind and body ready to work. We are so concerned about outside attacks or acts of terrorism, but we need to look inside of our own borders. We are under attack by our own choices. Food companies are not in the market to make us healthier. They are here like any other business, to make money. That is the bottom line.

It is absurd that some people blame food companies for becoming obese. You always have a choice, and YOU have the power to choose how you want to live your life. It's time to take responsibility for our own lives.